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Just to further add something, in case people misunderstand.-OOC (sort of)

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Just to further add something, in case people misunderstand.-OOC (sort of) Empty Just to further add something, in case people misunderstand.-OOC (sort of)

Post by Randy Orton on Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:35 pm

(Edit to add: The link is dead. The explanation Randy gives still stands. -Creative, 5.17.16)

People might look at that, at first and be like, "Well, I don't see what the big deal was, or why that's prohibited."

To which I'd say, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, are you fucking serious?" Well, no, I wouldn't say that. Not at first, unless I've had a few drinks in me and you happen to catch me at the right time. But since I don't have a few drinks in me currently, let me explain firsthand since I was one of the people who had a serious fucking problem with that character. IC and OOC, I had a serious problem with it, and when you come to a RPG site, when you're feeling serious problems, you're doing it wrong. And by "you", I don't mean Admin/Game Owners. I mean the people who have those feelings. In this instance, the problem was the person playing that character, and the other problem was me.

She was doing it wrong because of basically blazing on in here and expecting what she wasn't proposing, but demanding, to be accepted blindly. The only thing missing was unicorns and fairies to make it even more "realistic", far as I was concerned.

I was doing it wrong because I was taking it personally, and probably, in hindsight, overreacted. Creative got a few PMs from me along the lines of, "The fuck? The 5th member of Evolution was a female? So, not only was Evolution not just me, Hunter, Ric and Batista, but there was a -woman- in it. And...this woman didn't PM you and ask for prior approval, since, you know, having not only a FIFTH MEMBER OF EVOLUTION but also a WOMAN sort of, oh, I don't know...directly affects me?"

It got worse when that character approached me to reminisce about "our time in Evolution." This happened with growing frequency, as in, like, every time I logged in for a few days. So off I went to my inbox and contacted Admin. Again. Now I'm bothering Admin, and I don't feel good about it. Another PM from me was, "And this player is expecting me to share recollections of shit that...oh, I don't know....never happened. So I have no reference point at all. I can't have this shit shoved down my throat, especially since this person isn't PM'ing me and trying to at least clue me the fuck in. It's going down mostly in chat, it's fucking stupid, and I'm sorry, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to de-encrypt this bullshit."

Now, don't misunderstand.

I'm open to if a character, OC and Superstar alike, comes and they want to have "shared memories." Just either clue me in, or ask me first. Please just don't assume. This doesn't mean I'm being a douchebag. We could have fun with something like, "Hey, Randy, remember that Christmas Party at Titan Towers in '09 and you were fuckin' hammered?"  That could be a fun SL because I could be like, "Not really. It's just a blur. Why...what do -you- remember?"

That can open up dialogue and shit. That can spur creativity and done right, can give some characters a backstory/history/depth. As long as it's something plausible, like, "You left with 2 divas and almost missed the show the next day." That, I can do. If someone says, "And you threatened to take a shit in (diva's name here's) gym bag," I might smirk but could go along with that as well.

But if somebody says, "You don't remember? Because you got naked, used potato chip dip as lube and then let the entire Smackdown Superstar roster fuck you in the ass. Then, sort of like Sean Waltman, your anus tore and you had to go to the were 30 minutes from death", NO. Abso-fucking-lutely NOT.

I know it's hard, especially for an OC, to establish a history, especially if you're new and don't know anybody. But if it's a reasonable one, I'm game. I'm more than game and like being active with good storylines. But...Being told that there was a 5th member of Evolution...Was -that- a -good- storyline? Rewriting history without anybody's consent or previous knowledge, then expecting them to simply accept it? if Creative had been given an opportunity to have it submitted for approval first, and for some reason, they -did- approve it, I respect Admin and would try to work with it.

If I couldn't, I would probably have just acted coldly to the character in question and said, "That was like, a decade ago. We've moved on. We're not friends." That would have given the instruction to leave me out of any such flashback/reminiscences and it would've been within reasonable behavior on my part.

But things like Evolution, you can't rewrite. Same goes for Legacy. If somebody came in here and said that they were the 6th member of Legacy (because remember, Sim Snuka and Manu were once in Legacy. I'd like to forget it since they ended up being fucking useless, but that's neither here nor there), the only person I would even consider playing along those lines on would be the Bulldog's kid, Harry Smith, DH Smith, David Hart Smith, whatever the hell you want to call him, since he was once on my wishlist of people who might fit well with Legacy.

But say you want to register Tamina Snuka.
Well, good for you.
Say you want to write her bio as "Formerly the 6th member of Legacy. And a woman."
Then I'd refer  you to the bio that I've put the link to, and Creative singled out as what NOT to do, and probably tell you to fuck off. If I had a few drinks in me, I might give some vivid instructions as to how to fuck off.

Anyway...yeah. I think maybe I got my point across. Basically, if you want to play with a Superstar..specifically, you want to have some sort of placement in their past, don't just know the Superstar's Wikipedia bio. Look at the registrations here. That's what the point of registering can read them at your leisure, and your leisure should, out of respect to yourself and to your fellow gamers/writers, include reading what's written to know the characters a little better.

Prime example: Me. RKO here isn't exactly the RKO you think you know. BeyondTheMat RKO: I don't have an Alanna. I wasn't married to Sam.

So if you ask me how my daughter's doing, you'd get an eyebrow, possibly a "The fuck are you talking about?" or "You sure you got the right guy?", as well as me being a little bit jerked that you obviously didn't give a fuck enough to familiarize yourself with my bio, but you're being forward enough to try and interact with me. That's basically like taking a piss on my shoe. Just because you see the Orton name doesn't mean that this is Generic Orton.

I take the time to write it in such a way as to make it stand out. I treat those who want to interact with me, write quality stuff with me and play well, with respect. I don't think it's asking too much to expect the same in return.

Anyway...look forward to seeing you, long as we're clear.

Just to further add something, in case people misunderstand.-OOC (sort of) The_more_you_know2

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Just to further add something, in case people misunderstand.-OOC (sort of) Empty Re: Just to further add something, in case people misunderstand.-OOC (sort of)

Post by Creative Department on Tue May 17, 2016 12:14 pm

Updated May 17, 2016. While the link in the above is dead and the wording of Randy's writer could be more...tactful, the fact remains that this happened; this was a thing; we don't want to deal with this again. Ever. Please.

While we don't deserve your mercy because of what we did with Katie Vick, we plea for it anyway.

Gratefully Yours,

Creative Department
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