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"It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?)

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"It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?) Empty "It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?)

Post by Ethan Orton on Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:26 am

If it were to be any consolidation, he felt as if something was off the entire time they were talking about doing this.

So only about two and half months into his stay with his father, Ethan had fallen into something of a schedule. Elaine could be there when she wasn’t “busy,” and that usually meant having a “friend,” over, which may or may not look bad,.But it was clear that she did not feel tied to the wrestling world anymore. Hell, she was hardly tied to her dead husband, who she tried to move on from maybe a tab bit too quickly.

She put herself out there, sure. But having Ethan around gave her an excuse. A reason not speak too much about what was happening, how she felt, or why Randy never seemed to open up about that night. She had her suspicions. Maybe he -wasn’t- exactly trying to be there after all, but she’d like to think her family wasn’t that fucked up.

Meanwhile, Ethan was still keeping up visits to doctors and possibly a therapist, just to be on the safe side. After today, he’d probably not want t see anything but a bed for a while, but that was all more of a lesson than anything.

Like a few other kids of wrestlers, it was easy to go unnoticed if you played your cards right backstage. Not to mention that Ethan wasn’t a bother, behavior wise. He was book smart, could carry himself well, and had a shy nature to him that made people been a bit more open to him, as opposed to Shane’s kids, who had taken a liking to him. Not to say that he was totally influenced by them, but a few people did take notice of the three of them running around arenas from time to time. There had been a few segments with giggles in the background, or a few wires kicked out of place in the name of harmless fun.

Backstage? Definitely a problem. But he was socializing with people in his own age group now, and getting somewhat of a normal schedule to him. Didn’t mean that they wouldn’t have their own little arguments here or there, but before today, it was easy to see nothing wrong with them causing a little harmless mischief from time to time. But a lot of eyes, and parents, would be keeping much closer eyes on the kids after today.

“My Dad is cool. He doesn’t always ask so many questions like your dad does.”

I remember saying that to Declan and he almost got mad. It seemed clear that my dad was the “cooler” parent but he was also younger. I didn’t talk to my mom. And the rules had been laid out for me here and there. I had to be places at certain times, and I had to stay with some of the guys backstage when my dad wasn’t there. But we usually hung out a lot, while Declan and Kenny’s dad was busy working.

For the New Orleans trip, I had heard about some of the other kids being and town, and everyone hanging out. I thought it would be okay.  And for a while it was.

I got to meet Aaliyah, who was Rey Mysterio’s daughter. The floppy guy with the mask from the Royal Rumble. There were supposed to be a few other kids from the company who would show up and meet us there, but she had already gone to the theme park before.

It was supposed to be scary. Like, you walk around and take pictures and just do whatever you wanted for a while. People go there all the time and it was supposed not be opened because of the hurricane that happened when I was a baby.

We were able to take what we wanted with us, but it was only a 15 minute ride and we weren’t going to be gone for too long anyway. Aaliyah said to wear bug spray and make sure my phone was charged. I didn’t need any money, they said it was “like an open thing.” Everything made sense.

I knew my dad had to work, and I had been allowed to stay at our rental and play the PS4 in the mean time. He had two signings, and I had already gone to one of them. It was fun, but I didn’t need to do it again. I had taken pictures with everyone, gotten my own title signed by what had to be the whole roster, gotten just about every t-shirt, pin, hat, collectable item…I didn’t want to have to carry all of that again.

I knew I wasn’t supposed to be out in the city by myself, and that was different. I always had my mom before or my dad now with me. It even felt weird when I was with Cody’s brother that one time, because he just wasn’t a real adult. So to be with a bunch of other kids was fun, but I couldn’t shake the feeling.  

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I was pretty excited. I had memorized the directions already, and last night I wasn’t even sure I was going to go. But Declan said that even his Dad knew where we were going, so my dad was going to be fine regardless.

Anyway, from the Superdome, we walk ten minutes to the Tulane bus stop at South Villere. It was like a 15 to 20 minute ride and then we walked .1 of a mile to the actual park, and that took 2 minutes. We had to run because I was late.

“You said you could go!” Declan screamed at me. Deep down, I was just nervous, but I didn’t want to be the one who didn’t go. I ran behind them, trying to keep up as best as I could, but he was a little older. Their youngest brother was going to stay behind with their mom, and after this, they were gonna go back to the Access event and I was going to just go to the hotel.

The bus ride was weird. The last time I had rode a bus was a school bus, and the regular bus was different from that. It had a different smell, and it was way dirtier. I didn’t even want to sit down. Eventually, we could see the theme park in the distance, and it didn’t take long for us to get there at all. As we were getting off and the bus made it’s way to the next stop, everyone took a few pictures or snap chatted it. I could see some other people already running around the park, and it did look open. Just…deserted.

“I left my phone!” I said, almost screaming and panicking. I had it on the bus, and for all I knew, the bus driver wasn’t going to come back any time soon.

“We’re gonna have to come back on the same bus so we can get it then.” Declan said, letting me try to call it on his phone.

“And your dad can just buy you another one. It was the old iPhone anyway.” Kenny said. I rolled my eyes, and had a knot in my stomach as we had to squeeze through a gate just to get in. I knew that this wasn’t okay, but I didn’t want to be the one to ruin everything. I had already flipped out about he phone and everyone just sort of ignored it. Maybe it didn’t really matter.

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But without a phone, it wasn’t really that fun. It was just a bunch of graffiti on the walls, and a lot of broken parts of roller coasters and old Nickelodeon themed stuff.

Insider Magazine wrote: So for the past three years, the park has stood empty, making it an extremely popular attraction for tourists and urban explorers. Visitors should know that SFNO is dangerous. After years of disuse, nature has run its course. There are even alligators living in the park's waterways. Hopefully, New Orleans will decide what it wants to do with the land soon, just to discourage people from putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations — trespassing is illegal and the attractions are extremely decayed.

"It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?) 5a6a4a1e46a28822008b45d7-1334-1001

We had spent about an hours just walking around, but I could tell that Declan and Kenny were also getting nervous. It wasn't much to see. And someone had screamed earlier about seeing a snake. I had seen vermin before. Never a snake in the wild. We just lingered around the bigger pack, and I was hoping that we could get out of here soon. It was hot, and we didn't even have any water. I told Declan to send the pictures he took to my phone, and I could just get them on my computer.  

"It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?) 5a69f8d34613d02c008b4570-1334-1001
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"It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?) Empty Re: "It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?)

Post by Randy Orton on Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:49 am

Damned straight something was off. Look at anybody's photo from the signing that Ethan attended; Randy at least had something of a grin. The signing he blew off, where Randy didn't have the peace of mind that the kid was in the room? There's a distracted nature, a smirk, an "I'm contractually obligated to take this picture" hardness in his face. On a brief break, he texted Ethan.

No answer.

He asked one of the guys from WWE Security to go check on the room. There was more than enough security for one guy to check things out, particularly after Jamie's email about keeping an eye on your family. Now, nobody expected Randy to have Ethan sitting beside him at the signing but it was expected that single parent or not, your kids comply with your directions. Randy made a brief call to the hotel to tell them that company security would need a card for entry to Randy's hotel room. He said it calmly, but just call it a feeling.

The feeling didn't get any better when he enabled the "Find My iPhone" and Ethan's phone was steadily moving. In a vehicle. What. The. Fuck. Did one of these crazy fucks STEAL Ethan?

And there's a line of people who paid, waiting.

He flagged -another- security guy and in a hushed whisper, handed over his own phone and a hasty explanation.

"I need you to find my boy."

"Okay, who's next," the handlers said, and the next people came to have their picture taken and get their whatevers signed. Randy's a shade paler in these photos and visibly stressed.
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"It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?) Empty Re: "It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?)

Post by Randy Orton on Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:25 pm

First impulse was to kick the living shit out of him. Call it what you will - muscle memory, what I know, what I learned from - but that wasn't how it went down. I may have gotten the same effect, though. He hasn't really pulled any fucked up shit since this day.

I probably looked like I was fucking insane, screaming at him at the entrance of the old Six Flags and insisting he SHOW ME what was so right/cool/made it ok to walk in there. To do it right in front of me. Walk me through his line of thinking. I stood there and watched. I had hoped - and thank God - he did as I anticipated, that with the smarts he's got, he would take that look at it and see that no, it wasn't okay. It never would have been okay.

Now had he waltzed into that entrance gate as I stood there watching, trying every way I knew how to show disapproval and let him see how fucked up his decision was on his own, I probably would have beat the shit out of him. It didn't come to that.

I think we were both relieved, to be completely honest.
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"It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?) Empty Re: "It's Only 20 Minutes away." (Dad, please?)

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